We are an international company that specializes in operating games
Our business strategy includes acquiring IP's for various game projects in order to maintain further operation. Alternatively, we offer the publishing and project operation services for a client. Our goal as a company is to give a second chance to already released games and present them to a wider audience.

Our offer

Our company purchases the copyrights to distribute your games on PC and consoles-specific distribution platforms. You retain all other forms of IP (mobile platforms, comics, books, etc.). It will find a second life through us, allowing as many people to experience it as possible. Besides getting money for the IP, you'll also gain a successful project to add to your portfolio.
Acquiring the IP of your game
Taking over the management and operation of your projects is another service we provide. Let's say you have games on the Steam platform and you want to increase your profit from them, this is where we come in. With over 200 projects in our portfolio, we know the market well and can confidently say that with us you will earn more.
Project operation services